Product development

80% of all new products fail in the market. There is a great risk when you are developing new products. Why, then develop new products?

Innovation is an ever more important source of revenues and profits. The proportion of revenues that comes from products introduced within the last few years is becoming larger and larger for most companies in our current innovation-based economy.

On the other hand, for companies that fail to develop new products, existing products are sooner or later ousted by competition who continuously improve their products. In the longer term product development is, therefore, essential.

Some of the common questions our clients ask us:

  • How can we develop our profitable ideas that deserve full-time attention when all our time goes to day-to-day management?
  • How can we put structure and prioritization in our innovation process and avoid over-investing ?
  • What should be developed and which "features" should be prioritized?
  • How do we make our products easy to use for consumers ?
  • Can we tap into crowd sourcing and open innovation ?

  • We can help discover what customers want and how they want to interact with products. We develop, design and test products and services in our iterative and consumer-oriented process.

    We improve results and time-to-market, and reduce the risks in product development.

    To take the first step on getting experts working on making your ideas become products, please contact us on inaces(at)