Export managment

Why expand internationally?

Has your company plans to start exporting, or has your home market become too small?

Your company most likely has objectives to expand profits. Or perhaps you wish to spread your risks by not relying on just one or a few countries. Entering new markets with higher growth and less competition allows for higher margins. Whatever your reasons are to expand abroad, Inaces will help you reach your goals.

We can help you answer the most relevant concerns:

  • Which foreign markets are the most lucrative and feasible to enter?
  • Which DISTRIBUTORS AND RETAILERS are present in the target market, and which ones would best suit your needs and goals?
  • What adaptations, in addition to translations, does your advertising need in other countries?
  • What product modifications should or must be done in the different markets?

  • Inaces has more than 10 years of experience with international markets.
    While language-, marketing- and negotiation skills are essential, the international network that we have built up over time is our most valuable resource to make your expansion successful.

    Main markets:
    We have a well-developed network of professionals, distributors, and retailers in Europe, Latin- and North America, and Asia.
    We would like to hear from you, to discuss your goals and challenges. Please contact us on inaces(at)inaces.com.